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AKG is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors. This privacy policy outlines the information and derivatives collected by AKG Construction on this website and how they are protected and stored. AKG does not collect any personal information about any AKG website visitor unless it is voluntarily provided by the visitor.


As a rule, the personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, business and private address, phone numbers) offered by our visitors to our site are not shared, sold, rented or otherwise used with third parties.


These principles apply only to this website and to other websites owned by AKG İnşaat, but not to our advertising or promotions on websites owned by third parties.

Collection of Personal Information;

Using the website of AKG Construction, giving personal information voluntarily means accepting the current privacy policy and conditions announced on this site. Upon request, personal information may be collected by our visitors when requesting an apartment sale reservation, completing a questionnaire or sending an e-bulletin. If you do not voluntarily provide this information, we do not collect any personal information from your visits to our website.


Purpose and Use;

With your permission, AKG uses your information for the following purposes;


• Sending you newsletters, magazines, articles about campaigns

• To inform you by e-mail, SMS and fax, to inform you about the campaigns,

• Determining visitor profiles and statistics,

• Evaluating requests, requests and complaints


Personal data and this data are used only for the stated purposes and when required by court order or legal protocols during legal investigations.


Non-personal visitor information;

AKG collects features such as user density, visited sections, clicked areas automatically and anonymously during the navigation of the visitors on the website. This data is used only for the determination of the viewing and tracking rates of the sections, different areas and does not correlate with the personal information of any visitor. In cases where adlı cookie tekn technology is used, which determines where the pages are visited or how they are visited, it is also collected as statistical data to determine the tracking and clickthrough rates of different areas of the site and is not a personal application. The purpose of this technology is to make the content of the sections that the users visit more frequently, more accessible to the user since the first visit to the site. Visitors can control these ie cookie tekn technologies through browser settings or through different programs.


Security; It is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access, modification and misuse of information. Technologically, our systems are adjusted accordingly.


Terms of use; AKG uses the website to announce campaigns organized on a periodic basis, and to provide the visitors with information about the different services and activities. AKG reserves the right to change and update the content of the website unilaterally without prior notice to the terms and conditions published here.


Amendments AKG reserves the right to change or cancel these Privacy policies.



If you would like to provide any comments, questions, or news about this Privacy Policy, you may use the “contact” link. AKG will take the necessary steps to meet these requests.


The 3D visuals on this website are designed and used as examples. While all efforts are made to ensure that the visuals reflect the project, AKG reserves the right to make changes to all visuals, plans and details in these projects in advance.


Every visitor to website is deemed to have read and accepted all these terms.

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